How To Style Cycling Kits

27 April, 2016

Cycle Style has been a huge trend in cycle commuting that has encouraged more women to bike how they like; in heels, skirts, on step through frames or fixed gears. This trend, which continues, has encouraged women to express their style while adopting a lifestyle on bike. However, when it comes to the track, group rides, or the peloton, the debate about cycling fashion is a different matter that comes down to comfort. Although women have a track history of abstaining from cycling wear because of their unappealing design and fit, the trend of women's specific kits is changing how women participate in cycling as a whole. As women's cycling teams and women's group rides grow, cycle style is taking on a whole new look for the fashionista who loves putting in serious miles without compromising comfort on the saddle.

My 8th Year Of The Cycling Life

22 April, 2016

This year marks the 8th year of what I adopted as the cyclists lifestyle. Cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, and Brooklyn have all been a very important part of this lifestyle transition where commuting by bike has gotten me from a to b in a city. However, cycling has become so much more than a commuter lifestyle. Personally, it's the adventure I seek everyday after my day job, my community, the country roads, the scenery, the wild nature of it all.  In a way, the cycling lifestyle has become a culture of my own, a lingo, a lifestyle, and a camaraderie that I cannot find outside of cycling.

Gear Up For Spring Cycling

13 April, 2016

For anyone who is currently unaware, Spring is here! Well, at least it's becoming more clear in NY this week. While I'm coming out of winters resting period, I'm also excited for this time of renewal and pedaling. To welcome showers, flowers and everything in between, I thought I'd do a little digging in the archive to help build up your dream rides with some tips for cycling into Spring. While your filling your days aching for warmer weather and bicycle adventures from picnics to climbing rolling hills, dust off your bicycles and get ready to head out with a little spring in your pedal with these tips.

Cycling In Florida

06 April, 2016

Greetings. I just got back from Florida a few days ago and feel like the last two weeks have been a dream. While I was there for a short while, my initial feelings upon returning was that I didn't have enough. I attempted to tackle this holiday with the determination of cycling as far as I could to see as much as possible, always with the view of the more you put in, the more you take away. Memories, sunrises, and experiences are the things I collect and treasure the most, no matter how little sleep I get. The great thing about Florida is that it is full of so many surprises and this trip I didn't want to waste laying by the pool.
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