07 May, 2015

tips for spring riding

If you are thinking about taking to 2 wheels this Spring be sure to ease your way in. You are then much more likely to enjoy it and stick with it, rather than ending up red faced and frustrated. Just a few tips to inspire you...

• Cycle at a leisurely pace rather the racing along with the Lycra clan. You will look far more graceful and will arrive at your destination fully composed with out any unsightly sweat patches.

• If you have not cycled for a while start off by doing a few laps of your local park then graduate to short routes that you know, to the shops or local cafĂ©.

• If your journey to work seems a little daunting start off by cycling to you’re nearest tube or train station, ensuring you lock your bike up securely.

• When you feel ready to cycle all the way to work check your route. Google and select the cycling option and type in your starting point and destination and it will recommend a route on quieter, more cycle friendly roads.

• Armed with your map choose a nice sunny day at the weekend, when you have no time restraints, to explore your route. Do not cycle to work for the first time on a Monday morning if you are not entirely sure where you’re going. It could result in you getting lost and turning up at work late and flustered.

• When you have mastered your route just cycle in twice a week to start with to get your fitness levels up. Never force yourself to cycle when you don’t feel like.

Do not feel you have to cycle when….

• You have the mother of all hangovers

• It’s a blowing a gale or chucking it down with rain or both

• You are wearing a pencil skirt and 6 inch heels and have just spent an hour on your hair for a big meeting or date.

• You are reading a particularly good book and quite fancy a bus journey.

30 April, 2015

Currenlty Biking: Florida

Biking and Florida. A great pair if you ask me. Who would've known in all places in America that Florida is great for cycling?! I never thought I would be cycling this side of the coast but here I am off road cycling and riding through every nature preserve and beach I could get to. Not only is Florida blessed with wonderful climate but with paved cycling infrastructure too. And if it's too humid during your ride, you could just stop by the nearest beach and jump in to cool down which I find myself doing often.

While I'm here temporarily, I'm lucky to have a neighbor let me borrow their bikes for long distance riding and off road biking. There are so many biking trails in Florida but the one I find most satisfying is the A1A called Flagler Trail. Starting from Flagler Pier, it has wonderful spurs and curves into woods at various points. Just a few miles in lies the Compra Mala trail, a 5.5 mile off road trail which contains both easy and technical trails that have secret pathways to state parks and beaches. Covered in palm trees, oaks, and Spanish moss, it's a great trail with so much to admire.

Every weekend my partner and I do a long bike ride where we often find many cycle tourists and road cyclists. Everyone is friendly and often filled with touring stories that will make you cringe when you hear alligator and snake at a camp site. Cringe aside, these stories fill me with inspiration to do more on two wheels which is why I have returned after so long. I was told by a roadie that I shouldn't stop blogging about these adventures, that my travel may inspire others and help those who want to tour Florida.

On a side note, I hope you'll keep along with my journey in Florida where you can follow on Instagram and Twitter.

27 April, 2015

Adjusting to Spring Bike Lifestyle

Now that Spring has sprung, I'm seeing lots of smiling faces on two wheels, my local bike shop/cafe filled with bicycles for tune ups and a home now currently filled with bicycles. Coming from a state that has no seasonal weather and 330 days of sunshine (I'm blowing kisses at you California), it's not easy to adjust to the extreme weather changes. What's harder is not having the ability to ride my bike almost everyday, not being able to physically endure the weather patterns regardless of the preparation and research. This makes life on two wheels a bit of a challenge during the cold seasons. And although I admire those who can ride in the snow, I won't do it. Call me a spoiled Cali girl, but this adjustment to the East Coast is a big eye opener on tackling bicycle lifestyle one season at a time. Adjustment isn't easy, and I'm sure my friends from home are giggling at me, but I'm just so excited for this sunshine and warm weather!

If you're on the same road (pun intended), here are some tips to help you get inspired and adjust to Spring's seasonal bike lifestyle...

Dress up for your ride: florals please!

Bike to your favorite spot, park, cafe, farmers market, beach.

Enjoy the freedom and breath it all in.

Meet people. Cyclist are uber friendly and make great cycling partners.

Take selfies while riding your bike.

Explore your city or town.

Bring a journal to draw or write about your ride: note what you see, hear, smell, and feel.

I hope wherever you are, nature is being good to you and you're adjusting well to getting back on two wheels!

08 October, 2014

Life Is An Adventure, Just Ride

Life could be compared to bicycle riding. It's an adventure, there are many obstacles to your destination, sometimes you have to pedal harder, make quick and hard decisions, have lot's of patience but arrive a bit sweaty and on time. Recently, my partner and I made a hard decision about our future in NYC and arrived at a dream we've been working up since we started dating. Our priorities have changed drastically since we decided to get out of the NYC real estate market and we feel at peace about it, I would even say excited! As a millennial just entering my early thirties, I can tell you that there are a lot of fears I have about the housing market and future employment opportunities for many my age. Working in data research allows me to get seriously involved  in outcomes research and although an outlook of investment could secure a great outcome, the fear that another crises could happen in my life, to me, lingers. The point is to live simply, debt free, and be healthy, body and mind. As months of frustrated searches, endless open houses, and debates passed we decided to throw in the towel and reevaluate what we really want. And what we found is that dream.

For years now, we've designed, researched, and saved for a quiet life in a green and luscious environment where we could garden, bike, hike, work and live a healthy sustainable life. City living for us will be history and in the next few months, I will sell my bike, pack my belongings, and say goodbye to New York for a grand adventure elsewhere. I'll still be around to share life's adventures, maybe just not the same way anymore. 

And just like arriving to a destination on bike, I think we've arrived at something we've been longing for deeply. We've pedaled, made those hard decisions and arrived a bit tired but relieved because this is the adventure we've been dreaming of. 

02 October, 2014

Back From England

Hi folks, I'm back from England and back to blogging. It was a whirlwind of a time perusing around London taking in gorgeous scenery and fresh air. London reminded me a lot of San Francisco, perhaps it was the weather and pace of the city, whatever it is I felt incredibly happy and at home to be there. Some of our time was spent south in Kent where our family resides. My first impressions of course was a Jane Austin description of country life, the scent, the pace, the beauty of misty covered country hills, including the combination of family, friendly familiarities, good food, good weather, and good conversation, all contributed to the best holiday I had in a while.

Notably, I loved everything about cycling in London. From public bike pumps, Boris bikes, massive bike storage (hello Waterloo station) to lycra wearing commuters, it's serious business there. I did find it gratifying that road bikes, lycra, and neon colors were a strong code of commuting by bike and I found it contributed to a commute that's very much like the Tour de France in London. Those streets are hardcore, so yeah, I commend you and can't wait to be back for another round of good fun and cycling in London. (for pictures, check out Instagram)

And now I'm back in NYC, perhaps not for long. Things here are going to start to look a little different. Major lifestyle changes will happen and I'll be prepping for the challenge of taking on a major life project. For now, I'll be writing, sorting out ideas, planning a life of adventure and staying inspired in the meantime.