08 July, 2014

Tour De France 2014 Guide

It's probably my favorite time of year in which I relive my summer days in Paris where I watched crowds of racers and racing enthusiast flood the final stage of TDF in 2011 in great spirits. It's been 3 years now, and since my summer mornings are now sucked into this race while visiting family in California, I thought I'd get my memories of France a little taste of bliss in watching the beautiful race along scenic country passes some blog time while bringing you my annual guide to watching and keeping up with the Tour de France. 

Below are links to social media, websites, stats, and livestreams for your entertainment. It's been drama filled with some great riders already out of the race (like my hero Cavendish, please get well, tears) and some great surprises like La Course, the first women's criterium race on the Champs Élysées on the day of the Tour finale, July 27, note that (plus it's my bday). So there you have it. Click on any link to get your updates and info in following along with #TDF.

Le Tour Official Page: Get all the news, course guides, updates and stats for the race.
La CourseThe inaugural La Course de Le Tour de France, a women’s criterium race on the Champs Élysées on the day of the Tour finale.
Social Media: Twitter @letour #TDF2014, Facebook at Le Tour de France, Instagram @letourdefrance.
NBCSports: Live Stream of Le Tour.
BBC Sport: News and stage wins updates.
Bicycle Magazine: More updates and news on Le Tour.

24 June, 2014

Apps For Sharing Your Bike Adventures

I started using Strava recently when I started going on weekend adventures throughout and outside the city. The app's function is to track your ride by gps and rank your best time on segments with other users. This creates an element of merciless competition with friend and colleagues, which can be fun if you like that. You can get creative, challenge yourself, brag to your friends, and create a safety zone for your bike around your house, work, or lock up spot when you go to the privacy tab on the settings page. It's fun to see what others are doing to get a little inspiration on a ride your interested in taking. I do have to say I tend to forget to track a ride but sometimes it's nice to ditch the gps and just enjoy the rode.

What types of apps do you use to share your cycling adventures? Any good ones to note?

19 June, 2014

A Summer Bicycle Lifestyle

Can we officially call it summer already? Well I am. Every summer I like to provide a little recap of how to make the most of longer sunnier days while staying cool and fresh under the sun. For many of us ladies and gents who commute by bicycle in cities, we need to show up fabulous and fresh on our bikes wherever we go. It's not always easy staying cool but here are some links with tips to keep your summer adventurous while looking smart on two wheels.

Summer Cycling Tips- Everything you need to know from dealing with helmet hair and what to wear.
DIY Bike Tour- When it comes to adventure, planning a bike tour is just as fun as the journey.
Join A Group Ride- From east to west, ladies around the country are inviting you to a group ride.
DIY Bike PicnicWhen it comes to picnics and managing your goodies on bicycle, create a unique yet effortless experience.
Bike To The Beach- What's better than spending a sizzling day in the ocean?
Summer Hair Tutorials- Hair styles for hot summer days, this has you covered.

18 June, 2014

Summer Time Adventure

Oh hi!! Remember me? Thanks for the small haitus from blogging... work-life needed it. Well at least that's what I keep telling myself. Now that it's near summer, certainly feels like it here in NYC, it's time to start planning adventures near and far. Recently, le beau and I have gone upstate and taken a few long bike rides around just to get out and take in breathtaking views and fun trails. Although they are lovely, it's time to get out during the scorching summer season. After experiencing my first hot and humid summer last year, I am ready to trade summer in NY for summer in California. There is no place like home, right? My plan is to be home while traveling up and down the coast to visit friends and family while relaxing, biking to the beach, and working (ahhh, the blessed life of working from home). I leave next week so be sure to follow along here, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates.

For now, you'll have to deal with my World Cup, SF Giants, and soon, Tour de France updates. But don't worry, I will be here with lots of bike adventure updates too.

09 May, 2014

Weekend Inspiration for Biking Into Spring

Happy Friday! I've been checking the weather every five hours to see if we will have a break from the rain in NY. It just doesn't seem to stop! The forecast is showing that this weekend will still have showers and although I'm a little bummed out, I'm okay with staying in under my blankets and watching marathons of tv. I'm hoping for clear skies so that I can get on my bike but Spring showers have taken over. As I sit here and dream about adventuring out on bike this weekend, I'm wondering how many people are getting out there now despite the thunder and rain. Cool and sunnier days has a way to get us out on a bike but rain or shine there are so many benefits to just put a little spring into the pedal.

Feeling like having an adventure this weekend? Here are just a few tips and reminders of why getting out on two wheels this Spring is the perfect win.

Group Ride: Join one to meet people or get your friends together for a fun ride.

Feel Good: A working heart = a healthy body and happy feelings. Breath in the fresh air.

Dress Up: Feeling good will keep you looking fabulous on and off your bike.

Tour Your City: The bike is the perfect tool for discovering new places, it's an open museum.

Skip the Train: Believe it or not, a bike will get you to your destination faster, plus it will save you money and help you avoid traffic.

If you're in the NYC area and looking for a new bike or other few bits and bobs, check out this weekends New York Bike Jumble. Also, don't forget to wish your mom a Happy Mother's Day if you're in America this Sunday. Have a great weekend!