13 October, 2014

Thank You.

Dear Friend, life is full of new beginnings and opportunities. Like fall, seasons of change have passed and are leading life into new directions. For five years, City Girl Rides has been a space for sharing, engagement, and community and I have loved being a part of the women's cycling movement and although I still feel part of it, like seasons, times are changing. I've struggled with the idea of leaving this wonderful community of incredible lady bike bloggers and shakers but for some reason it's been a simple transition. Not to say that I don't enjoy this lovely community, I'm always inspired by the communities of ladies engaging with each other to make a difference in their cities, together. You all have each other to make a difference, no matter what your idea is, it is the source of transformation.

Like I said, times are changing. In my last post I mentioned my new journey of moving out of NYC into simple living in greener pastures. This project has been coming for a while and it was just about time till I told you about this vision. With this vision comes transformation and interesting little projects with it, like planning to move our entire life to raise chickens, grow an edible garden, and build a sustainable home. It's exciting and yet daunting. It's a process of skilling one's life to country and simple living. It's the dream that many of us have in being self reliant, independent, and free from social expectations while going back to basics.

Gradually, I have moved my energy into this new project while documenting these great changes and challenges into simple living.  In this transition, all City Girl Rides social media outlets will change and become FINE & SIMPLE, a new project and blog documenting our transition into greener pastures and the art of simple living. Will cycling still be a part of simple living? Of course!

In the course of growing City Girl Rides, I've had been provided opportunities to meet so many wonderful women, men, and companies and I am grateful for you all. Thank you for the support, interest, and inspiration for City Girl Rides. As a farewell to this blog, please join me in my journey at FINE & SIMPLE and be inspired for what this blog was always about, living sustainably.