17 September, 2014

The Entire Wheel

It's no wonder that walking or riding your bike to work benefits your body and mind over driving. Most of us bloggers have been saying this for years, but a recent UK study has been all over the media giving the data behind this finding and it's got people talking. Last night I posted a little note to my bike on Twitter, pretty much explaining what my bike means to me. Yes, it gives me the health benefits, and yes, I have been singing Beyonce's Flawless on my bike numerous times, and of course I am happier when I'm on my bike, it's really all I think about! The benefits are so great but will this study make any difference in how we design or plan our cities for cycling and walking? I don't know but it's something to consider in how we advocate for bicycle and walking safety in our neighborhoods.

I've been inspired by the recent Twitter chat lately on #IBIKEBECAUSE. Happiness on a bike comes in many forms, and a lot of times, the form of a woman's smile while biking. We are definitely relevant to this whole conversation about the whole wheel, of health, of biking, and happiness. Sharing our reasons and our stories inspires us as a community when we share the same voice and that's where our power for transformation lies. And I really just want to point out, that it also includes our entitlement to feeling safe from harassment when we walk and ride too. There is a lot to be said but to get you part of the conversation, check out this article and photos of Women Who Shatter The Stereotype Af What A Real Biker Looks Like. It's provoking and thoughtful but nonetheless uniting. Perhaps, it will also inspire you to share on the hashtag #IBIKEBECAUSE.

15 September, 2014

Fall Cycling Tips

The Satorialist
The weather in New York is starting to feel a bit like fall. Although it makes for lovely bicycling, it started to make me think ahead about preparing for darker days and cooler rides. So in all preparation for fall, start grabbing your things to prepare for cooler weather rides and remember that a freshly tuned up bike, helmet, and bike lights are essential for safety on the road as it starts to get darker earlier. 

Ready to get your fall sweaters, reflective gear, and boots together? Consider these roundup links and tips a friendly reminder to cycle safely and warmer while you cool into fall.To start off, know what your Fall Cycling Essentials are: a freshly tuned up bike, helmet, bike lights, and other bits to boot.

Bike lights are important for visibility and safety. And it's the law. Cateye makes some of the best I have used to date.

Be noticeable. Reflective gear is a bonus for commuters who need that visibility during rush hour. I've always been a fan of this bicycle helmet bow, little reflective bird pin, and Iva Jean's two way reflective vest.

Dress for cooler days. That means your mornings are going to chill up a bit so wear a light weight, zip up, wind and rain proof jacket that allows ventilation. 

On colder days it may be hard for your fingers to pull breaks and adjust gears, take along some bike gloves that allow you to move your fingers but won't overly heat up your hands. Here are some other cool reasons bike gloves are useful.

Arm and leg warmers are great added insulation for colder rides and they add a bonus for functional fashion. Wearing the right shoe wear is also great to keep your lower extremities warm, check out some of these cute boots from Modcloth.

Also, just a little helpful hint: as the cold starts to settle in, your skin will start to dry. Keep hydrated and moisturized. Here are some tips from Refinery 29 to help you get in the know with fall skin care.

12 September, 2014

Bike Things To Know

a beach cottage
Happy Friday! I'm excited to get this weekend and next week over cause that means London and Paris for me the following week. That's right, my adventures are heading overseas! Very excited but back down to earth, I recently expressed how I wanted to keep sharing information and adventures with you, so here I am attempting to do what I know best, consume and share information. Although fall is starting to cool things down a little, there are a lot of great things happening and being written, so here is what you need to know...

NYC was named the top U.S. bicycle friendly city by Bicycle Magazine. Now, if they could bring some of those bike lanes to Brooklyn.

#FutureBike and #WomenTalkBikes feed on Twitter has been great to read, lots of insight from the ladies. 

If you're interested in knowing more about organizing women's rides etc., check out this podcast by Pedal Love. There are some other great #womentalkbikes podcast, click here for more.

Fall is starting to cool off summer afternoons and the sun is going down earlier, get the low-down on bicycle lights and the law.

Exactly my thoughts about the bicycle industry and the women's cycling revolution; it won't pinkified.

11 September, 2014

Cafe du Cyclist Sale

I'm not opposed to cycle wear, as long as it fits my sense of taste. On a journey to find some tasteful cycle wear, I searched long and voila, I found Cafe du Cyclist and some really cute cycling jersey's a la French sailor style. I'm particularly fond of the Suzanne and Henriette jersey. To add in extra good news, Cafe du Cyclist is having a major sale! Plus worldwide shipping is free if orders are above 60 Euros (that's about 78 dollars for us American's).

These are perfect for serious rides or for just looking stylish around town. The breathable, wicking, non-itchy properties ensure you'll stay cool, but it combines beautifully with other layers when the temperature drops. I particularly love that their design is inspired by the French Riviera and compliment the female figure. Perfect for a comfortable and elegant style while riding.

10 September, 2014

Slowly Pedaling

Blogging is so hard these days and I'm now attempting to recover from a self imposed two month long haitus from social media and most things internet.

In all honesty, I have avoided coming back to social media and this blog because I was burnt-out, plus all that traveling and work I have makes me comfortable with enjoying the little freedom I have from being digitally disconnected. While I have enjoyed this freedom, a lot has happened, but what I found through this is that the best thing you could do is schedule regular time off. Take time off daily, weekly, monthly. I am fortunate to have a job that allows me to work from home and travel but whilst I am doing this, the longing for wander and media disconnection has increased and looks a lot like living in a cabin with books, my partner, our dog, garden, and bikes. Perhaps I'm reaching a time in my age when the burnout from living in cities my whole life, LA, San Francisco, and now New York has taken its toll.  Or perhaps I'm just changing and my priorities are changing. Whatever it is, listening to myself to take time off has been good for me. I'm accepting this shift.

I guess my point is: How we spend our time is totally in our control. Take back the control. In the meantime, I'm absolutely sure I'll have more moments of being off and celebrate those little moments as best as I can- cooking home made foods, riding bikes outside of NYC, planning retirement, and real estate shopping. Consider these little posts and Instagram feeds as a visual hello, I'm still here, just being present and trying to figure it all out at the same time.