Essential Fall Cycling Wear

Despite longer darker days, some drawbacks to cycling are the changing weather patterns. Dressing for cooler autumn days can be a little tricky when it comes to rain and a biting chill, especially when we've been riding after a few minutes and start to feel too hot.

With a few pieces in your autumn kit, you can ride between 'too hot' and 'too cold' smoothly with these essentials.
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Staying Healthy On Your Bike This Autumn

Although fall is a lovely time of year to get the most out of your rides just before winter, with seasonal changes comes early sunsets and colder climates. With longer darker days fatigue, seasonal sads, and lack of exercise tend to come as we start to hide indoors from the cold. Getting on your bike through fall has its obvious reasons for keeping fit throughout the season, it's also a great way to combat the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and the coming winter blues. If you're feeling the side affects of time changes, it can be difficult to get a regular routine on your bike but once you do it, it's all joy from there.

If you're looking for motivation and tips to stay on your bike and smiling, here are some ways to keep you on your bike and healthy during the seasons too.
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Inspiring Women's Halloween Costumes

Halloween is tomorrow night. And while dressing up is the best part of this holiday for us ladies, we are limited in inspiring costumes that don't wreak of inappropriatness. Whether you want to dress up as Wonder Woman or Amelia Earhart, inspiring women's costume options are available. For those of us who want to channel the energy of artists, suffragettes, hero's, or badass Supreme Court Justices, here are 6 costumes to inspire your girl power.
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Bike Talk: Equality And The Urban Landscape

Can the urban city be a space where we can practice equality? Can we ever truly achieve equality when women and men currently appropriate urban spaces unequally? Recent studies have shown that there's a clear link between gender inequality and the use of the city infrastructure, like bicycle lanes. A study conducted in the city of Rennes, showed that certainly, urban spaces are ultimately made by and for, men. This study is certainly not the example of all cities, however, there are plenty of cities in the U.S. that can certainly relate to the issues of gender inequality in infrastructure use.
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Fall Destinations By Bike In New England

New England in the fall is colored with hues and tones of all colors. The air is cool, crips and perfect for strapping on a helmet and pedaling down a scenic road full of yellows, reds, and oranges. To get you adventuring through some of the leafiest routes before the season is over, I picked some of my favorite fall foliage viewing routes in the Northeast. My experience in these regions are a few day trips at best. Either way, rides through the Northeast are a necessary experience for all who love fall and biking.
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Hi, I'm Christina, a California city girl currently biking in New England. City Girl Rides is a lifestyle and adventure blog dedicated to all things lady cycling.


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