late adventures

i'm back from a lovely trip in Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. this was my first time vacationing on this side of the continent and what i found was absolute bliss and a desire to never leave. the rolling hills, stretching green lands, rivers, quiet roads, friendly folks, and the absolute stillness of mind was exactly what i needed after a hard working semester. now it's back to life and giving the city of oakland a shot of fulfilling what i had left behind on the east coast, my heart. 
i'll gradually be sharing pic of my adventures, even the mountain trail biking trip i did, it was my first! hope you all have been well and haven't missed me too much. 


cb said...

so glad you had a great time! i LOVED vermont when i visited, it was so beautiful and green. new england is a really awesome place to visit. i will be in boston in september and can't wait!
xo,cb said...

eeep! you are in my (new) homeland! i live in boston and the biking around here is just beyond mind-blowing to my floridian mind! so glad you liked it. xo

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