Cycling With Mogi

29 September, 2016

For the past two months I have been intensely training for my bike tour (that is actually next weekend!) With all the spin classes, runs, and weekend rides, my body has been feeling achy. As part of my training, yoga has become an important factor in helping my body recover. With the good weather we've had recently, my practice has me outdoors more, thanks to  Mogi, a yoga mat cycling pannier. 

Surviving Adventure Rides

22 September, 2016

 I've always been super impressed by the girls who set their minds on something and go after it. The girls who know the challenges ahead and figures out the unknown along the way. I've always been a planner. When there is something I strongly want to do, I like to secure things in place before I can actually plan and share it. Like this bike tour I'm doing in October. Since my decision, I've had weeks of planning and training to get me to this point of sharing. I think when it comes to making it a point of making an effort to adventure, we gotta go with the mindset of just do it and the rest will follow.

Ride In Style With Bandbox Helmets

14 September, 2016

Helmets have always been a tricky topic in the women's cycling community. From helmet hair to safety, the discussion about helmets have been never ending. However, safety for any cyclist is a top priority. No doubt, helmets do indeed save lives, yet, they have a very unflattering appeal to them that drive some people not to wear them. With a number of brands coming out of the woodwork to produce lovely cycling helmets, Bandbox LLC has been among the leading fashionable helmet brands making their mark in the industry.

Fall Cycling Tips

13 September, 2016

Fall is rapidly coming and we can't ignore it. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or newbie, you know the days are getting colder, nights getting longer, and with that comes changes in our riding routine. Despite darker and colder days, autumn is a great time to get those final miles in before winter. To help you set up for the changing season, I rounded up a comprehensive post to help you, and myself, stay on the road with some tips to guide our way through the golden season.

Guest Post: Best Biking Trails in America

08 September, 2016

As I prepare for my bike tour in Maine, I have asked seasoned adventurists to share their experiences here on CGR on adventure cycling. Today I am delighted to introduce Kristin McManus of Cloud 9 Living, an experience gift company, who will share some of America's favorite trails from East to West to help you start planning for your next adventure on two wheels.
Cycling is perhaps one of the greatest ways to have an adventure in the great outdoors. There’s something about hopping on your bicycle and feeling the breeze on your skin as you ride. Depending on your skill level and overall adventure style, there’s a cycling adventure out there just for you.

It's About The Journey

04 September, 2016

When I moved out to the Hudson Valley, I had hoped to achieve something in my life, simplicity. Although buying a house doesn't exactly get rid of the responsibility of a mortgage, it does add a little stability. When you want simplicity, you also need stability. I haven't always been a stable person in the sense of where I live. I have moved to three different places in the last three years and have traveled plenty in between to almost render myself unstable every two months. When I return home from a trip, I find myself within the next week planning a trip somewhere else, often a place where I need to see people, family or friends, and often work comes along with me.
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