Bike Love: Helmets and Autumn

25 October, 2013

Bike Love: Helmets and Autumn
Things I'm loving lately: 
Lazer Sports Helmets. Lightweight, super comfortable, and breathable (if youre a head sweater, you'll love this helmet.) I got three in their Urban Editions cause they are good looking and nice to wear. I just love a good helmet and cannot wait to share with you the many ways these helmets look good on a bike, stay tuned as I adventure out for a weekend of friends and bikes.
Autumn In New York: I never really understood the words to Ella Fitzgerald's song "Autumn In New York" until living here. Ahh...the crips cold air (that I've missed, sans fog) and golden leaves.
Green Smooties: while attempting to step away from coffee, I'm filling my body with wholesome green juices. Well being takes a lot of sacrifice. Try this recipe.
Dahlia's: my favorite flowers have finally hit the market here in Brooklyn and I couldn't be a happier girl. I just love surrounding myself with them.

Other: Kashmire Tchai Tea, making new friends, reading books, walking to the park and playing with dogs, fav neighborhood cafe Choice Market, Blue Apron recipes.

As season transition, what are you loving lately?

Spreading the Fashionable Word On #WhatIWore

23 October, 2013

Spreading the Fashionable Word On #WhatIWore
Hi friends near and far, yesterday I guest posted at Eleanor's NYC for their What I Wore post. These post series are all about empowering women to express themselves and their style on their bike, something you all know I feel very passionate about. Help Eleanor's spread the fashionable word by sharing your own personal bike style on Instagram and Twitter.  You can participate by hash tagging #whatiwore and #eleanorsnyc on Instagram or Twitter.

Big shout out to Eleanor's and all the stylish ladies riding their bikes.

Cute Bicycle Finds: Charly's Bicycle Goods

21 October, 2013

Cute Bicycle Finds: Charly's Bicycle Goods
photo: fuuvi
I am floored by the creativity that bubbles up in the bicycle community. The tally of uniquely talented artists, craftsmen, and designers runs high — though, magically, Charly's seems to house numerous treasures all under one roof and I'm going head over wheels over them. From spunky heart and star shaped bicycle wheel reflectors to bicycle covers, Charly's combines an assortment of practical and useful items that are not only safe for riding but are absolutely colorful and adorable to make a statement on your bike with.

Seriously, whether you're looking for that perfect bicycle bell as a statement piece — or the cute bicycle light to ring up your visibility — chances are you'll find it on Charly's

Happy Weekend + Link Love

18 October, 2013

Happy Weekend + Link Love
photo: pinterest
TGIF... I love saying that! Now that the weekend is here it's time for adventure and time to be inspired. My favorite pass time during the weekends is to spend time in my neighborhood going for an early walk with our morning coffee and hanging out at the park while hundreds of dogs play around us. It's absolute bliss and just confirms to me that happiness is found in the little things in life. Whether it be small or big, here are some things to keep you inspired and happy throughout your weekend.

1. This video by Bobbin Bicycles, so stylish, so cute.
2. In NYC this weekend? Here's a little guide to shop, eat, and relax.
3. Currently reading this book Tranquilista, so cute and full of good tricks to keeping tranquil.
5. I strongly believe women need to be planners and empowered in how they spend their money, here's a handbook on how to budget by The Every Girl.
7. I'm craving to make so many delicious heart warming beverages using these recipes for apple cocktails.
9. This sad, wonderful essay, "Beauty Trap"
10. I constantly get told I look like Bjork, I think I might actually go for this DIY Swan Costume this year.

City Guide: Chelsea, Meatpacking & West Village

17 October, 2013

City Guide: Chelsea, Meatpacking & West Village
photo: kate spade
New York is lovely in the fall and I'm dying to explore more of this seasoned city while the trees still have some green to them. One of my favorite neighborhoods in New York to eat and shop is in these little clustered neighborhoods, Chelsea, Meatpacking District, and West Village. Every weekend the boy and I love to hit up Chelsea Market for gathering gourmet foods and goods for our week, then grab some taco's from Los Taco's NO.1 for lunch then head off for a bike ride or walk along the pier. Whether you live in NYC and in need of an adventure at home or visiting, these spots are spot on for a perfect guide in this fair part of New York.

Eat: Frankies Spuntino                                  Shop: Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks
                                                                                Greenwich Letterpress
                                                                                Jack Spade

Drink: Jeffrey's Grocery                                Explore: Chelsea Galeries
                                                                                     The Highline
                                                                                     West Side Promenade
Sleep: The Standard

Yoga For Cyclists

16 October, 2013

Yoga For Cyclists
One of the ways I practice giving without expectation is by sharing information and this is a post is about my love for yoga. We know that yoga rejuvenates our bodies and calms our minds. And for one I love to spread the love of nurturing one's body and soul. With a serious mission to build inner strength and balance, I took on a recent daily practice of yoga to help me recover my body and peace of mind from daily stresses of living and biking in New York.

Cute Bicycle Baskets

14 October, 2013

Cute Bicycle Baskets
It's time for a roundup of cute bicycle baskets and I found some unique and vintage styled baskets and crates to share with you. Although I have had a great number of them, I always remain true to Wald wire baskets for sturdiness around bumpy roads but I have always dreamed of one of these wicker baskets and a bike crate to carry a bundle of flowers and veggies in. A girl can dream right? Sigh...Ok, I'm dying to share with you what made the list. 

Bike Talk: Women Aren't Concerned With Biking In Their Communities?

04 October, 2013

Bike Talk: Women Aren't Concerned With Biking In Their Communities?
photo: nycpretty
A while ago I started a series called Bike Talk, where I wanted to seriously chat about some issues that women are afraid to speak out about. My first post on Bike Talk was about bicycles & embracing my inner quirky girl, where I personally dived deep into the first myth of 10 Myths About Women & Cycling, "Women Don't Like Bikes." My point was to express that every woman has her way of expressing herself on her bicycle, if it doesn't look like bike culture or a race team, then there is no shame in embracing and liking the way you bike! Keep in mind... this is a personal perspective rather than expressing and explaining that "82 percent of women having positive views of bicyclists," of course we do, however, women aren't positively accepted or represented as bicyclists.

Greetings! From Clinton Hill

03 October, 2013

Greetings! From Clinton Hill
It's been a quiet week around here lately and needless to say, I've been a busy girl. I recently moved apartments in Brooklyn and although it's been rather time consuming and all out exhausting, I'm loving my new neighborhood in Clinton Hill. This neighborhood charmed me the moment I walked through it  months ago and since... I've had my heart set on living here. 
 The neighborhood is all that I had expected out of living in New York... charm, accessible amenities, and surprisingly great places to eat, shop, and play. I would say that this neighborhood has all that I love about living in cities and although life is leisurely in these parts, everyone works hard and easy going.
 Also, there are so many bikes around these parts, probably the most bike friendly part of Brooklyn by far but I'm sure others can vouch for other bike friendly neighborhoods. Since leaving SF, lots of people have been telling me that Brooklyn is up and coming! I see why, with more space, greenery, and nice places to eat and shop, I would say that life here in pretty nice! It's definitely not the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, while personal touch and a slower pace of life balances the day to day hectic New York lifestyle.
For many wondering about my future plans of returning to SF, I will eventually be back. The plans for living a bicoastal lifestyle are in the plans and being in a relationship with someone that is not American eventually means there is a lot of traveling and possibly moving. I'm okay with that, our spirits are alike.  For now, our home is here in charming Clinton Hill and I'm looking forward to making life here an adventure.
I know I speak of travel and adventure A LOT, but sometimes life is full of adventures and moving around and learning about yourself is just as important as exploring new environments. Have you ever made a huge move and learned something new about yourself?

All photos @ Julia Robbs