17 December, 2009

City Girl Rides was born in 2009 in San Francisco when Christina was gifted her bike WendyBird (RIP) looking for a place to collect rides, inspiration, and information to inspire women to bike. Her passion for exploring her beloved CITY BY THE BAY by bike has now taken her around the world, pedaling one city at a time. Currently she resides in upstate New York in a cabin with her fiance and dog where she traded in her heels for clipless shoes to trail around the Hudson Valley.

As a UC Berkeley grad in Urban Economic Development, Christina sought how cities can provide opportunities for social entrepreneurship and sustainable living through tech, transit, and equitable planning. Her passion for equitable cities, nature, cycling, and empowerment infuses her content with cycle culture living aspects and activism. Once a media manager at women's bicycle boutique, Eleanor's NYC, Christina now works as a data analyst in the life sciences bridging the different worlds between people and industry.

Christina hopes this blog will inspire more women to ride and unite their voices in cities and the cycling industry. City Girl Rides is willing to collaborate with brands and businesses that share her views and aesthetic tastes. To inquire about ads, sponsored posts, or product reviews, please send inquiries via email at citygirlrides@gmail.com